Dusty Roads

Tim Bleil

“Craving for freedom and a life in your own hands. Taking a risk and finding out whats hiding behind that mask. Being tired of the day to day struggle and just wanting to be free.. welcome to dusty roads. Take a walk with me and maybe you will find something out about yourself.”

Varanasi Calling

Tim Bleil

“Varanasi Calling – a soundtrack of the experiences I had while being in india for the first time. The song is about freedom, the joy of life, summer and friendship. But this freedom we experience is under threat. The floating pieces of plastic resemble the increasing plastic pollution and thus increasing the tempo of natures destruction. Let’s try to make nature breath again. Let’s try not to be a burdon for this earth and be a blessing. With respect for our surroundings and without selfishness we shall overcome this crisis.”

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Dusty Roads

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Dusty Roads


Voices from the listeners

  • Sebastian (EgoFM)
    Tims voice sounds like a mixture of james blunt and bruce springsteen. But with a much better voice!
  • Patrick (Rockmagazine.net)
    Tims new single dusty roads, doesnt hurt or fills your head with bad thoughts. His music just takes the day to day stress away and slows you down (in a good way) A song to dream!
  • ArtistRadarOfficial
    His songs give you a warm and welcoming feeling like a fleecy blanket that you want to wrap yourself up in especially in these cold and rainy November days.

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